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We are a news features and lifestyle resource for diverse communities in Montgomery County, the largest and most affluent jurisdiction in the state of Maryland, and an important information and biotechnology center in the Washington, D.C., capital region.

Montgomery County also fosters "amazing diversity" with a fast-growing global and international population. With more than half of its 971,777 residents consisting of Hispanics, African Americans, Continental Africans, Asians and Pacific Islanders, Montgomery County is now one of America's 336 "majority-minority" communities, according to the U.S. Census. 

Founded in 1992, the Montgomery Times published for 10 years as the first newspaper to target minorities and communities of color in Montgomery County. A companion newspaper, the Prince George's Times, was also briefly published in 1998 for residents in neighboring Prince George's County, one of the fastest-growing black middle-class communities in America. Other publications associated with the Montgomery Times brand include African American Times,  Guide to Academic Excellence for Students & Parents and a 2002 Maryland Election Campaign guide.

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